Council to consider legislation enacting public safety reforms

Legislation introduced by Post 3 At-Large Council member Andre Dickens expanding the Atlanta Citizen Review Board will be considered during Monday’s Council meeting.

The Atlanta City Council will consider legislation during Monday’s remote meeting to adopt the “8 Can’t Wait” principles and amend the Atlanta Police Department’s standard operating procedures to incorporate use of force alternatives. (Legislative Reference №20-O-1449).

The “8 Can’t Wait” platform is part of Campaign Zero, a police reform initiative launched in 2015. The reforms in the legislation aim to improve community interactions with the police and reduce the number of violent encounters through the following principles:

• Banning chokeholds and strangleholds

• Requiring de-escalation strategies

• Requiring a warning before shooting

• Exhausting all alternatives before shooting

• Duty to intervene (from other officers)

• Banning shooting at moving vehicles

• Requiring use of force continuum

• Requiring comprehensive reporting involving use of force against civilians.

Other items on Monday’s agenda include:

• An ordinance to add two members from youth-serving organizations to the Atlanta Citizen Review Board and expand the board’s investigative authority (Legislative Reference №20-O-1445).

• An ordinance to designate Juneteenth as a City paid holiday (Legislative Reference №20-O-1454).

• A resolution approving a deployment plan for funds allocated for rental assistance through the consumer grant program in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act (Legislative Reference №20-R-4067).

• A resolution to create a participatory engagement process with the community to select a street where a permanent “Black Lives Matter” mural can be installed in Atlanta (Legislative Reference №20-R-4061).

• An ordinance to provide a one-year application fee waiver for right-of-way dining permits (Legislative Reference №20-O-1366). The legislation is aimed at promoting social distancing and providing financial relief to restaurant owners.

• An ordinance ratifying Executive Order 2020–106 ordering the implementation of a process by which City of Atlanta boards, authorities, commissions, committees, or other similar bodies may begin remote meetings in accordance with the Georgia Open Meetings Act (Legislative Reference №20-O-1455). This item must be approved by the Committee on Council before consideration by the full Council.

The Council’s Zoning Committee and the Committee on Council will be held in committee of the whole during the meeting.

Monday’s meeting will take place remotely at 1 p.m. in response to the telework protocol activated for City Hall. The meeting will be simulcast on the Council’s website, YouTube channel, Channel 26, as well as the Council’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Media and the public can tune into the remote meeting by dialing (877) 579–6743 and entering the conference ID number 8315991256.

Residents can participate in the public comment portion of the meeting by calling (404) 330–6001 and leaving a voicemail, including their name and contact information. Public comments for the Zoning Committee may be left by calling (404) 330–6035, and for Committee on Council by calling (404) 330–6069. No public comments are allowed on legislative items that have gone before or will go before the Zoning Review Board. Public comment will close one hour prior to the start of the meeting.



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