Atlanta City Council

Apr 20, 2021

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Council approves retention bonus for eligible police officers

District 7 Council member Howard Shook sponsored legislation adopted Monday aimed at retaining sworn officers of the Atlanta Police Department who are in good standing.

The Atlanta City Council unanimously adopted legislation on Monday to award a retention bonus to eligible members of the Atlanta Police Department (Legislative Reference №21-O-0016). Pending approval of the Fiscal Year 2022 proposed budget, officers attaining three years of post-academy service will receive $2,500. Officers beyond those three years who are members of the “hybrid” pension plan adopted in 2011 will receive $1,200.

“I want to thank the Administration and Council for making this possible,” said Council member Shook, who sponsored the legislation. “We know there have been a lot of resignations over the last year, and morale among those who thankfully still report for roll call could use a boost. Hopefully, this sends a meaningful message.”

The Council also approved legislation to amend the Fund Balance Policy subsection in the City’s Charter in order to increase the current appropriation for the City’s Public Infrastructure Maintenance and Improvement account to 5 percent to ensure adequate annual funding for routine maintenance, repair and replacement of public infrastructure (Legislative Reference №21-O-0082). This is the second and final adoption in full Council.

Other items approved Monday include:

• An ordinance to amend the Public Property Vending Code to provide a process for establishing and removing designated food truck areas and to promote opportunities for small businesses and increase food access for underserved areas of the city (Legislative Reference №20-O-1696).

• An ordinance to amend the City’s charter to designate the two youth serving organizations that will each appoint a member between 18–30 years old to serve on the Atlanta Citizens Review Board (Legislative Reference №21-O-0107). As a charter change, three readings are required to adopt the ordinance. This is the first of two adoptions.

• A resolution to establish a working group to review, amend, and improve, but not consider the repeal of ordinance 18-O-1045 that instituted bail reform in Atlanta (Legislative Reference №21-R-3261).

• A resolution authorizing the mayor or her designee to install a portrait of Bishop Barbara Lewis King at the Barbara Lewis King Interfaith Chapel at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (Legislative Reference №21-R-3260).

• An ordinance to amend the 2021 Intergovernmental Grant Fund Budget by adding to anticipations and appropriations in the amount of $191,000 on behalf of the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department to fund the car seat fitting station program developed by the department (Legislative Reference №21-O-0158).

Legislation was introduced to be considered in committee next week, including:

• A resolution to encourage the Atlanta Police Department to amend its standard operating procedures for the purpose of expanding APD.SOP 2010, 4.2.51 regarding the “Duty to Intervene,” to consider providing additional responsibilities for police officers to intercede when fellow officers are engaged in using excessive force or other unlawful activities.

• An ordinance imposing a moratorium on the acceptance of any application for special administrative permit or building permit for which a special administrative permit has not been applied for, including land disturbance permits, for any property located in an R-5 Zoning District (Two Family Residential) within the Atlanta-in-DeKalb neighborhood of Edgewood for a period not to exceed 180 days.

• An ordinance to amend Section 130–82(B) of the Atlanta Code of Ordinances relating to a waiver of fees for the provision of recycling services for each single-family residence and for each unit of duplex, triplex, and quadruplex residence.

• A resolution authorizing the Atlanta-Fulton County Recreation Authority on behalf of the Stadium Neighborhoods Community Trust Fund Committee to award grants in a total amount not to exceed $1,709,995 to fund various community service projects to benefit the Atlanta neighborhoods of Mechanicsville, Peoplestown, Pittsburgh, Summerhill, and portion of Grant Park.