Council approves affordable housing legislative items

Atlanta City Council
5 min readSep 6, 2022


District 4 Council member Jason S. Dozier

The Atlanta City Council approved legislation Tuesday to authorize the transfer of $400,000 to the Metro Atlanta Land Bank Authority to prepare land-banked parcels for affordable housing development (22-O-1669). The funds will be used to accomplish the clearing of title, litigation, and preparation of the parcels for development as affordable housing. The legislation resulted from the first meeting of the City’s Affordable Housing Strike Force with the goal of activating public land for use as housing. These funds will be used toward getting certain properties under the Land Bank Authority back to productive use and developed as affordable housing.

The Council also approved legislation to authorize amending the Fiscal Year 2023 Special Assessment Fund budget to allocate $100,000 to the Metro Atlanta Land Bank Authority to fund the management of the in-rem demolition of dilapidated structures (22-O-1672) and an ordinance to authorize amending the Fiscal Year 2023 Special Assessment Fund budget to allocate $500,000 to Invest Atlanta to fund the management of in-rem demolition of dilapidated structures (22-O-1673).

In 2021, the City and the Metro Atlanta Land Bank Authority entered into an agreement that included the redevelopment of dilapidated and tax delinquent properties for use as workforce and affordable housing. As a result, the City has taken in 318 parcels, which include 120 parcels of multi-family housing. The properties are currently at the Metro Atlanta Land Bank Authority, which will utilize the $100,000 to handle the expenses associated with the maintenance of the properties prior to development. The $500,000 allocation will allow Invest Atlanta to oversee the development of the multi-family housing units.

Other items approved Tuesday include:

• An ordinance authorizing an agreement granting Invest Atlanta an option to purchase the City’s interests in the property located at 143 Alabama Street SW and certain adjacent parcels for redevelopment purposes (22-O-1675).

• An ordinance authorizing the City to acquire certain parcels owned by MARTA adjacent to city owned property located at 143 Alabama Street for an amount not to exceed $2 million (22-O-1674). The City proposes to convey the property at 143 Alabama Street and the adjacent parcels to Invest Atlanta for development as affordable housing and a revitalization project for downtown Atlanta.

• An ordinance authorizing the City to acquire a portion of the 676 MARTA Parcel and property on Fairlie Street in exchange for the City conveying to MARTA the portion of the 676 Air Rights (the right to build in the airspace above a property) situated over the balance of the 676 MARTA Parcel, and the 264 City Air Rights Parcel (22-O-1677). The MARTA property will constitute an “adjacent parcel” available for the City to re-convey to Invest Atlanta as an essential component of the property assemblage contemplated for the redevelopment of 143 Alabama Street.

• An ordinance authorizing the execution of a quitclaim deed conveying the City of Atlanta’s interest in parcels on West Lake Avenue NW and North Avenue NW for consideration of $1 to the Metro Atlanta Land Bank Authority for the public purpose of returning the parcels to an effective utilization status in the form of affordable housing (22-O-1678).

• An ordinance amending the Fiscal Year 2023 General Fund, Department of Watershed Management, and Aviation budgets to contribute funds to the employee tuition reimbursement program (22-O-1679). The legislation sets aside a total allocation of $500,000 in anticipation of the Department of Human Resources constructing a policy framework for the advancement of the initiative.

• A resolution authorizing the City to accept, on behalf of the Post 3 At-Large Office, donations from individuals, entities, and organizations in a total amount not to exceed $25,000 for the Equality and Unity Welcome Reception (22-R-4173). The Equality and Unity Pride Reception celebrates diversity, promote equality, and unity, and to recognize the work and contributions of LGBTQ pioneers, trailblazers, and community.

• A resolution requesting a study to examine the potential of expanding the Summer Youth Employment Program that was launched earlier this year as a year-round program that will provide employment, mentoring and volunteer opportunities for students in partnership with local businesses, youth organizations, and Atlanta Public Schools (22-R-4176).

• A resolution authorizing the City to donate $50,000 to the Atlanta Technical College to support programs that provide education and training services to youth (22-R-4183).

The Council presented proclamations in recognition of Atlanta Public Schools, Ericka Wright, Michael Tyler, Church of God in Christ, and Myron Fountain.

Items were also introduced to be considered in committee next week, including:

• An ordinance to amend the City’s Charter relating to the boundaries of Council districts to adopt the new official Council districts map with related population summary report, a plan components report, and the boundary descriptions of Council districts 1 through 12, as required by the City’s Charter following the 2020 U.S. census.

• A resolution requesting that no City funds be utilized to investigate reports of individuals involved with the personal use, growth, and possession of entheogenic plants, fungi, and spores, including those scheduled at state and federal levels, and request that the Atlanta Police Department place reports of the lowest possible priority.

• A resolution requesting the Atlanta Police Department, Department of Aviation and the City Auditor deliver an audit of police facilities under construction at the airport for the next four years and to deliver the final audit report to the Public Safety and Legal Administration Committee.

• A resolution authorizing the mayor or his designee to apply for a Fiscal Year 2022 U.S. Department of Transportation Reconnecting Communities Pilot discretionary grant in an amount not to exceed $10.5 million for preliminary engineering for The Stitch using Eastside Tax Allocation District funds or other applicable funding streams.

• A resolution urging the Georgia General Assembly to pass legislation designating 20 percent of the state budget to specifically fund city, county, and state police departments, school boards and emergency responders to improve and enhance security technology upgrades that will expand the safety of public and private schools in Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade.

• An ordinance to amend the City’s Charter to establish a five-term consecutive limit for elected City officials.

• A resolution authorizing the mayor or his designee to issue task order number FC-10641(M)-145 for a contract with Rubio and Sons Interiors Inc. for the construction of the Center for Diversion Services on behalf of the Department of Enterprise Asset Management in an amount not to exceed $2.95 million.

• A resolution requesting that paving and resurfacing be included as eligible project types in impact fee expenditures.

• An ordinance to amend the City’s code to provide for the more reasonable and efficient enforcement of the Nuisance Animal Ordinance through the reduction of the amount of time which an animal must persistently or continuously make noise in order to be considered a nuisance from 20 to 10 minutes.

• A resolution urging Congress to adopt the Afghan Adjustment Act to provide support for nationals of Afghanistan who supported the U.S. mission in Afghanistan.



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