Council adopts public safety, alcohol license legislation

The Atlanta City Council approved legislation Monday to establish a Public Safety Commission tasked with providing recommendations for public safety reforms in Atlanta (Legislative Reference №21-R-3441). The commission would be comprised of community stakeholders, including members from law enforcement, fire and emergency response, the judicial system, and other experts in public safety.

The Council also adopted legislation authorizing the issuance of general obligation bonds in the amount of $4 million to be used for the construction and equipping of an emergency medical services micro station in Southwest Atlanta (Legislative Reference №21-O-0258).

Other items adopted Monday include:

• An ordinance to amend the City Code of Ordinances to create a violent conduct nuisance ordinance and provide that licensed establishments found to be in violation of the violent nuisance ordinance will be subject to “due cause” for revocation and/or denial of an application for a new or transfer of ownership of an alcohol beverage license (Legislative Reference №21-O-0259).

• An ordinance amending the City Code of Ordinances to require that all businesses licensed to sell alcoholic beverages post the establishment’s license in a public and conspicuous place on the premises (Legislative Reference №21-O-0267).

• A resolution to authorize the Atlanta Police Department to expand its Recapture Program for the purpose of re-hiring retired police officers who may be assigned specifically to patrol the City’s parks and recreation facilities (Legislative Reference №21-R-3445).

• A resolution amending 20-R-4066, which authorized an intergovernmental agreement with the Fulton County/City of Atlanta Land Bank Authority to accept title to certain properties subject to City Code enforcement liens and to re-convey title to those properties to Invest Atlanta for the development of additional affordable housing (Legislative Reference №21-R-3207).

• A resolution authorizing the City to apply for a Fiscal Year 2021 U.S. Department of Transportation Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity discretionary grant in an amount not to exceed $22 million for the construction of the Atlanta BeltLine Southside Trail (Legislative Reference №21-R-3439).

• A resolution designating Southwest Atlanta and District 11 in Fulton County as an “Opportunity Hub Innovation and Equity District” to promote an equitable and inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystem (Legislative Reference №21-R-3442).

• A resolution requesting that the Urban Design Commission provide a historical contextualization of the Henry W. Grady statue located at 50 Marietta Street NW (Legislative Reference №21-R-3444).

Items were introduced to be considered in next week including:

• An ordinance to amend the City’s Code of Ordinances to require that all service stations install continuous video recording systems at each fuel pump located at the establishment.

• A resolution requesting the Department of Parks and Recreation and the Atlanta Police Department complete a joint study for the purpose of determining the number of retired police officers that would be required through the Recapture Program to cover the patrol of Atlanta parks and parks facilities.

• An ordinance requesting the executive director of the Atlanta Urban Design Commission nominate property located at 868 Joseph E. Boone Boulevard NW — the Marquette Lounge — as a historic building or site.

• An ordinance to amend the 1982 Atlanta Zoning Ordinance to create Chapter 42 entitled “Intown South Commercial Corridor Overlay” to enhance the quality and compatibility of development along commercial corridors primarily located within Council District 4 as designated by the City of Atlanta 2016 Comprehensive Development Plan.



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Atlanta City Council

Atlanta City Council

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