Atlanta City Council to consider $200K donation to assist low-income residents

Atlanta City Council
2 min readOct 13, 2023
District 11 Atlanta City Council member Marci Collier Overstreet proposed a $200,000 donation to help place low-income Atlanta residents into safe, secure, affordable housing.

ATLANTA — On Monday, the Atlanta City Council will consider legislation authorizing a $200,000 donation to Open Doors Solutions, Inc., to place low-income Atlanta residents referred through the City’s Housing Help Center into safe, secure, affordable housing (23-R-4262).

Other items on the agenda include:

• A resolution to include provisions in the funding agreements for any residential housing development receiving financial incentives from the City of Atlanta to disclose all fees a tenant will be responsible for paying above the base rental rate. There is also a provision requesting funding recipients make housing available for households receiving rent subsidies (23-R-4267).

• A resolution authorizing a $2 million donation to Star-C Corporation to support its administration of an eviction diversion program for low-income residents in Atlanta (23-R-4250).

• A resolution authorizing the chief financial officer to donate $150,000 to the Atlanta Land Trust to support identifying, qualifying, and facilitating 21 home buyers for permanent affordable units (23-R-4266).

• An ordinance to rename Anderson Park to Coach Charles Rambo, Sr. Park (23-O-1537).

• A resolution requesting State and Federal governments support the installation of a noise barrier wall along I-20 to address the environmental noise pollution created by the interstate’s expansion in Mozley Park, Westview, West End, and Mechanicsville (23-R-4252).

• A resolution urging the Atlanta Police Department and other law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction within the city to expand diversion services and encouraging Fulton County and the Fulton County sheriff to take similar measures in addressing overcrowding and safety concerns at the Fulton County jail (23-R-4264).

• A resolution authorizing the mayor to renew the existing intergovernmental agreement on behalf of the City of Atlanta with Fulton County to fund and support the center for diversion and services for a renewal term of four years to transition away from legal system responses that utilize jails or arrest for concerns offenses related to homelessness, mental health, problematic substance use, and poverty (23-R-4256).

• A resolution authorizing the mayor to execute a special procurement agreement with Grady Memorial Hospital corporation to serve as operator for the center for diversion services, effective on January 1, 2024, for a term of two years, with a one-year renewal option, in an amount not to exceed $12.1 million, to serve as medical and behavioral health screening provider (23-R-4257).

The City Council will present proclamations and recognitions in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Election of Mayor Maynard Jackson, Jennifer Holliday, Brenda Reid, and the Department of Customer Service/ATL311.