Atlanta City Council approves legislation to execute IGA with Fulton County for animal control services

Atlanta City Council
4 min readApr 15, 2024


District 10 Atlanta City Council member Andrea L. Boone

ATLANTA - The Atlanta City Council approved a resolution authorizing the mayor to execute an intergovernmental agreement with Fulton County Government to provide animal control services within the city for five years. This item was an immediate consideration and sent to the mayor’s office post-haste.

Other items on the agenda include:

• A resolution authorizing the Department of Parks and Recreation to enter into a Project Management Agreement for $6.5 million with the PATH Foundation, Inc. to start the first segment of the Atlanta Riverlands Project to create a one-mile linear river park trail (24-R-3370).

• An ordinance authorizing a cooperative partnership between the city and the nonprofit Blue Heron Nature Preserve (BHNP). The City owns a parcel of land dedicated to the Department of Watershed Management and seeks to have BHNP refurbish, enhance, and maintain this parcel’s natural environment (24-O-1147).

• An ordinance waiving the Competitive Source Selection and Contract Formation requirements to authorize any agreements and contracts necessary to host the 2024 Senior Ball scheduled for Sept. 7. The legislation also enables the city to collect donations not to exceed $300,000 (24-O-1148).

• An ordinance authorizing the City and Fulton County Recreation Authority to issue revenue bonds for the design, acquisition, construction, installation, and equipping of golf and senior center facilities and related improvements at John A. White Park (24-O-1152).

• An ordinance authorizing a $2,500 donation to Athena’s Warehouse, an Atlanta-based nonprofit dedicated to educating, inspiring, and empowering young women (24-O-1155).

• An ordinance authorizing a $5,000 donation to Propel Atlanta, whose mission is to make Atlanta streets more inclusive, thriving and safe for pedestrians, bicyclists, and all residents (24-O-1156).

• A resolution authorizing the mayor to enter into a special procurement agreement with Stand Guard Aquatics that does not exceed $950,000 for maintenance services at the City’s 12 outdoor and four indoor pools and six splash pads. This item was an immediate consideration and sent to the mayor’s office post-haste.

• A resolution to accept the recommendations from the commission established pursuant to 23-R-3323 to honor American civil rights activist and politician Robert “Bob” Mants. Mants passed away in 2011 and helped organize the Selma-to-Montgomery March in 1965. This item was an immediate consideration and sent to the mayor’s office post-haste.

Proclamations and recognitions were presented in honor of renowned artist and art director Dr. Lee Ransaw and SIAC Men’s Basketball Tournament and Eastern Division champions, Clark Atlanta University.

Items were introduced for consideration in committee, including:

• An ordinance to impose a 10-mill tax increase on owners of neglected properties contributing to blight, citing the “significant adverse effects” on neighborhoods and increased need for government services. Georgia’s Community Redevelopment Tax Incentive Program, approved by voters in 2002, enables the addition of a “blight tax” to the current millage rate of properties.

• A resolution establishing a Neighborhood Sports Council (NSC) to address concerns surrounding significant events at venues such as Mercedes Benz Stadium, the Georgia World Congress Center, and Phillips Arena, where residents and businesses have experienced significant challenges related to traffic congestion, road closures, and community disruptions.

• A resolution authorizing the mayor to apply for and accept federal funding to participate in the Atlanta Regional Commission’s 2024 Transportation Improvement Program call for projects.

• An ordinance authorizing the City’s chief financial officer to amend the Fiscal Year 2024 budget by transferring $1.8 million to the Department of Labor and Employment Services Support Trust Fund to provide funding for the 2024 Summer Youth Employment Program.

• An ordinance authorizing a $15,000 donation to the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (ADID) for the “Artist Jam” project on Peachtree Street between Alabama Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

• A resolution establishing a Transportation Task Force to address traffic congestion in District 8 as part of the city’s Connect Atlanta Plan. The task force will help manage the development of a district-wide transportation plan in concert with ATLDOT and representatives of the neighborhoods, NPUs, and partner organizations.

• An ordinance ratifying the submission of a $10 million application to the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) Transportation Improvement Program to fund the construction of the Atlanta Beltline’s Southside Trail.

• An ordinance to create an Atlanta Community Energy Fund (ACEF) and amend the FY 2024 budget, transferring $300,000 into the account to deposit and transfer future funds generated by the sale of renewable energy credits, federal funding opportunities, and other sources.