Atlanta City Council Approves Legislation to Authorize Funding for Eviction Diversion Efforts and Affordable Housing

Atlanta City Council
4 min readOct 3, 2023
Post 2 At-Large Atlanta City Council member Matt Westmoreland

ATLANTA — The Atlanta City Council approved legislation Monday to allocate $11.6 million of the City’s affordable housing trust fund for eviction diversion efforts and to produce affordable housing units. The resolution includes focusing on units reserved for residents meeting or below 50 percent of the area median income (23-R-4167).

Other items approved include:

• A resolution urging the mayor and the Atlanta Police Department to release the August 10, 2023, video recording of the police-related incident involving Mr. Johnny Hollman. The item was approved for immediate consideration and sent to the mayor’s office post-haste.

• This ordinance amends the Atlanta Housing Code to establish specific guidelines for identifying and remediating mold growth in multi-family properties. The legislation aims to protect the health and safety of tenants living in substandard conditions (23-O-1514).

• A resolution requesting the commissioner of the Department of Human Resources implement a pay incentive plan for officers assigned to the specialized motors unit of the Atlanta Police Department (23-R-4151).

• An ordinance amending the Land Development Code of the City of Atlanta Code of Ordinances to create a new section titled ‘Security Camera Integration Readiness Requirement for New Commercial Construction’. The amendment will require building permit applicants to install infrastructure to support security camera integration into the Atlanta Police Department’s Video Integration Center for new buildings with more than 100,000 sq. ft. (23-O-1402).

• An ordinance authorizing the chief financial officer to amend the fiscal year 2024 budget by adding to anticipations and appropriations the 2023 Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant for $4.6 million on behalf of the Atlanta Department of Transportation (23-O-1519).

• An ordinance authorizing a donation of $3,500 to ALMA Domestic Violence Foundation to support the 2023 Paint Atlanta Purple events. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month (23-O-1515).

• A resolution authorizing a $40,000 contribution to the Historic Oakland Foundation to support capital improvement projects at the Oakland Cemetery. The funds are part of the $3 million of Council District 5 discretionary funds from the Moving Atlanta Forward infrastructure initiative (23-R-4170).

• A resolution authorizing a $150,000 donation from the affordable housing trust fund to support the expansion of the Georgia State University Research Foundation’s resource platform to connect eligible Atlanta residents with public, private, and non-profit housing resources (23-R-4159).

• A resolution requesting the inclusion of baby changing stations in City-owned buildings in the City of Atlanta, including women’s, men’s, and gender-neutral restrooms (23-R-4160).

• A resolution authorizing the installation of an art exhibit to honor the 53rd Mayor of the City of Atlanta, the late Sam Massell, at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (23-O-1525).

Proclamations and recognitions were presented to honor the 2023 Atlanta Dream, the 75th Anniversary of WSB-TV, Laurel Hord Hill, and International Credit Union Day.

Items were introduced for consideration in committee, including:

• A resolution requesting Invest Atlanta allocate $8.9 million in Tax Allocation District funds on behalf of the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department for an emergency fleet replacement purchase to include fire engines, battalion chief vehicles, and heavy apparatus.

• A resolution requesting the City include provisions in funding agreements for any residential housing development receiving financial incentives from the City of Atlanta to require the disclosure of all associated rental fees and to engage in mediation with a tenant subject to eviction proceedings.

• A resolution authorizing the chief financial officer to donate $150,000 to the Atlanta Land Trust for identifying, qualifying, and facilitating 21 home buyers for permanent affordable units.

• An ordinance to rename Anderson Park to Coach Charles Rambo, Sr. Park.

• A resolution urging the Atlanta Police Department and other law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction within the city to expand diversion services and encouraging Fulton County and the Fulton County sheriff to take similar measures to address overcrowding and safety at the Fulton County jail.

• A resolution authorizing the mayor to renew the existing intergovernmental agreement with Fulton County to fund and support the center for diversion and services.

• A resolution authorizing the mayor to execute a special procurement agreement with Grady Memorial Hospital corporation to serve as operator for the center for diversion services in an amount not to exceed $12.1 million to serve as a medical and behavioral health screening provider.